SEO Audit Services

SEO audit services to maximize your online presence.  Actionable audits and optimizations for individuals, organizations, and resellers. 

SEO Audit example outlining the report

Every Audit Includes

All reports are access through Google Sheets where they can then be save, exported, shared, or edited.


Technical Audit Checklist

Crawl Overview

Visualizations and statistics for some of the crawl results.

Technical SEO Audit

A list of technical factors that can identify site wide problems.

On-Page SEO Report

A report that identifies meta data that can be optimized.

SEO Audit example outlining the report

Technical SEO Audit

A full technical SEO audit report. The audit covers both technical findings and On-page SEO metrics. Action Plan, an Internal Crawl Report, an External Link Report, and an Image Audit Report included.

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Google My Business Optimization Audit

Let us audit and optimize your Google my Business local listing.

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Website Maintenance Packages

Choose from our monthly website maintenance packages. Packages include backups, uptime monitoring, SEO keyword and performance audits.

Our SEO Auditing Services

Not sure where to start? Our SEO auditing services include an:

For technical and on-page evaluation

For content development and conversion rate optimization

an SEO funnel highlighting technical SEO services and SEO strategy.

SEO Audit

Our SEO audit service includes both a Technical SEO Audit together with an On-Page SEO Reports. The client receives a detailed Action Plan, an Internal Crawl Report, an External Link Report, and an Image Audit Report.

example of a technical seo audit checklist used in the oppamark seo audit

Technical SEO Audit

Our technical audit includes a high level overview of all the URLs crawled, an audit score, and website crawl depth.

The following metrics are thoroughly tested.

On-Page SEO Report

We identify content issues for all your existing webpages to prioritize their current page position in the search results.

The following content is crawled and analyzed on all your existing pages.

SEO Audit action plan

SEO Strategy

Long-term SEO planning is essential to developing your website and staying ahead of the competition. A decent strategy aims towards achieving the individual goal or purpose of the website.

What is your Website Goal?

man seeing goal

Develop your SEO strategy

man strategizing

“SEO reduces customer acquisition costs by as much as 75%”